Academic program for Fall 2015


September 17  Manuscript discussion 1 (Szűcs Zoltán Gábor: Realism and utopianism)

September 24 Project meeting 1 

October 1 Reading seminar 1 (Geuss: Philosophy and Real Politics)

October 15 Project meeting 2

October 22 Manuscript discussion 2

October 29 Reading seminar 2 ( Horton: Realism, liberal moralism and a political theory of modus vivendi)

November 5 Manuscript discussion  3

November 12 Project meeting 3

November 26 Project meeting 4

December 3 Reading seminar 3 (Bellamy: Dirty hands and clean gloves)

December 10 Workshop 1


Program of Workhop 1


Panel 1 Between morality and politics

Ujlaki Anna: Rawls, the arch-enemy of realists

Csornay Annamária: What is "moral" according to the realist?

Mándi Tibor: The morality of political realism

Illés Gábor: Political action and political virtues  

Panel 2 The Hungarian case

Pap Milán: The neutrality of the state and political reality: realist elements in the Hungarian political theoretical debates during the 1990s

Gyulai Attila: How Hungarian political science defined the "reality" of politics during the early 1990s